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Coming on the heels of our San Francisco announcement last week, we have another product release to share: candidate batches for remote companies.


Like our NYC and SF products, our remote batch sits somewhere between job boards and tech-enabled recruiting companies. We’re priced like a job board but provide the type of high-quality candidates and high signal-to-noise ratio that one expects from a high-priced contingency recruiter. We continue to believe that the fundamental problem in recruiting is sourcing, not filtering (h/t to Aline). With that in mind, our remote candidate batches are meant to supplement companies’ existing approaches to identifying great engineers.

There are two minor differences between our remote batch and our existing NYC and SF batches:

  1. We’re only sending engineering and data science candidates (instead of technical, product, and business candidates). We’re not seeing a lot of demand for remote product and business candidates.

  2. We’re only sending two batches per month (instead of weekly batches). The market for remote hires tends to move a bit slower than the market for onsite roles, so semimonthly batches feels like the right cadence.

On a personal note, we’re especially excited for this product release because Underdog.io is a remote-friendly (and increasingly a remote-first) organization. Our business runs on Slack, GitHub, and video calls, and we get together as a team every 2-3 months for offsites. We believe that the most successful businesses in the world will continue to adopt remote-friendly policies, and we’re excited to help candidates discover these opportunities.

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