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We’re excited to publicly announce something that we’ve been working on for a few months: candidate batches for startups in San Francisco.


Our SF launch is a natural extension of the work that we're doing with 150+ amazing startups in NYC. As a refresher, here’s how Underdog.io operates:

  1. Technical, product, and business candidates that are interested in working at an SF startup sign up at Underdog.io.

  2. We review all candidates using an internal tool (it’s similar to an applicant tracking system, but we’ve built it to handle high-volume inbound), filter out those that aren’t a great fit for roles at technology companies, and send the highest-quality applicants to our SF-based customers.

  3. Instead of placement fees, which we dislike, companies pay us a low monthly or annual subscription fee based on company size.

Like our NYC product, our SF batch sits somewhere between job boards and tech-enabled recruiting companies. We’re priced like a job board but provide the type of high-quality candidates and high signal-to-noise ratio that one expects from a high-priced recruiter.

We piloted SF this summer with a select group of awesome companies, including these folks:


We’re beyond excited to grow our presence in the Bay Area and continue to help people land awesome technology jobs. If you’re hiring in SF, get in touch.

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