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How It Works

Candidates looking for startup jobs in NYC submit their resumes and other basic information. Using a combination of human intelligence and technology, reviews and ranks candidates and sends curated weekly batches to our hiring network. Founders and hiring managers contact candidates directly and take them through their normal hiring process.

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Put your resume in front of the best technology companies in NYC.
Get an early look at the best technical and non-technical free agents in NYC.
About Us

We’re a team of four with years of interviewing and hiring experience at venture-backed startups. We’ve also been candidates searching for jobs at startups and technology companies. The process can be painful for both sides of the marketplace.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this definitely get me a job?

No, this is just one tool that you should use during your job search. We'll do everything we can to help out.

What if I don’t hear from anyone?

Keep plugging away. Sometimes, when there isn’t a fit, it means that there really isn’t a fit. You might still be a great candidate - just not for the startups in our network.

What's the difference between technical and non-technical candidates?

Technical = software/mobile/hardware engineers, UI/UX designers, product managers, data scientists.
Non-Technical = sales, marketing, operations, finance/accounting, H.R., and other business roles.

Yay, someone contacted me! Now what?

Congrats! Stop reading our FAQ and go research the hell out of the company!

Can you give me some advice on my resume?

Definitely. Make it concise. Make it a PDF. Include links to your blog, homepage, Github, and/or Dribbble accounts. Check for typos. Check again. Include as much quantitative information as possible (GPA, test scores, work milestones, etc.). Explain any time gaps between jobs. For more info, read this blog post.

What if I don’t have a resume?

Resumes aren't perfect, but they can still be useful. Try to put something together, even if it’s just an exported PDF of your LinkedIn profile.

Do you work with recruiting agencies?

Heck no, we won’t go!

I can only work remotely. Is that OK?

You mean you don’t want to move to this big, beautiful city where cocktails cost $15 a pop? We understand. Just make sure you mark your application as “remote only,” and know that many startups aren't actively looking to hire remote employees.

Why aren't you publicizing the names of the startups that you're working with?

We may release the names of the startups in our network soon. In the meantime, know that every startup that we allow into our network is reputable and either venture-backed or earning substantial revenue. We've turned down more startups than we've accepted.

Do you only work with startups?

Yes and no. 95% of our customers are startups that have raised Seed, Series A, or Series B financing. Some larger tech companies have come knocking, and since we know that later-stage companies are interesting to certain candidates, we’re actively evaluating those opportunities.

What if I’m looking for a startup job in another city?

Glad you asked! Check out our city pages to see where we're headed to next. Our expansion timeline will be based on demand from other cities. The more companies or candidates that sign up, the more likely we are to unlock that city. Tell your friends!

P.S. The city page designs were done by an awesome candidate!

I’m confused...?

It happens to the best of us. Email us and we'll help you out.