About Us

Underdog.io builds software to help job seekers find meaningful work at technology companies. Since launching in April 2014, we’ve connected thousands of candidates with hundreds of growing organizations in New York, San Francisco, and beyond. Our company is profitable, growing, and revenue-funded.


Underdog.io is a distributed team of technologists and industry experts with experience on both sides of the hiring market.


You can find a list of our open roles here. Bonus points for folks that have signed up as an Underdog.io candidate.


We acquired Sourcing.io in October 2015. It’s a sourcing tool that recruiters and hiring managers can use to grow the top of their hiring funnel. We've indexed information about millions of engineers and give you the tools to browse and filter the data to find the perfect hire. We think about it as the “pull” half of a hiring push-pull strategy. Email us any time if you want to chat about it.