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While Underdog.io can help you fast track your job search, our team can't do it all. We’ve partnered with the amazing companies below to round out our hiring marketplace.


Free Agency

Free Agency provides Hollywood-style representation to talent in tech. They work with high-performance individuals on their career and overall professional development. You'll get 1:1 coaching, interview prep, job search automation, network intros to hiring managers, negotiation support, and more.

Interview Cake

SAVE 20%

Interview Cake is the fastest, easiest way for software engineers to become the kind of candidates companies fight over. Use an interactive mock interview tool to run practice interview problems; it's like an extended mock interview that offers hints and explains how to arrive at the answer. Underdog.io users save 20%.

Interview Kickstart

Interview Kickstart offers tailored interview prep courses for 17 high-demand domains and roles in tech. All of their courses are designed and taught by instructors from FAANG+ companies.


SAVE $10

Feeling nervous about technical interviews? On interviewing.io, you can practice technical phone interviews with engineers from companies like Google and Facebook. They'll run you through realistic algorithmic or systems design problems and give you actionable feedback. Underdog.io users get $10 off their first premium interview.


TopResume is the world’s premier resume-writing service. Job seekers work directly with professional writers and industry experts to redefine their personal brand and stand out from the crowd during the job-search process. Use our link to get a free resume review by one of TopResume's experts.


Leaving a startup? If you have stock options, they could have a lot of value. That’s value you earned and that could change your life — don’t abandon it!  Vested provides education and risk-free funding to exercise options (not a loan — no principal, no interest). Learn more about exercising your options with Vested. Underdog users get a personalized consultation session.

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