Help & FAQs

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about If you have another question about our hiring marketplace, you can email [email protected] or tweet at @UnderdogJobs. We'd love to hear from you.

What does do? is a curated marketplace for talent. We connect talented software engineers, designers, product managers, and businesspeople directly with founders, executives, hiring managers, and internal recruiters at growing technology companies.

How does the process work?

Every week, we share a new curated cohort of active job seekers with our network of growing technology companies. Only a small percentage of candidates who sign up for ultimately get shared with our hiring network.

As a candidate, how long will it take for me to hear back from you once I apply?

Jobs at technology companies are highly specialized and competitive. Given that, only a small subset of candidates who apply to get featured in a candidate cohort. If we can work with you, you'll typically receive an invitation to finalize your profile within 1-2 business days of signing up. Because of candidate volume, we only respond to candidates when they are selected for an cohort.

Will my current employer be able to see my profile if they are an customer?

No. We hide candidates from their current and past employers and also make it simple for candidates to have their profiles hidden from any other companies of their choosing. To give you even more comfort, is a closed, invite-only community.

What types of companies do you work with?

The bulk of the companies using the platform are privately-held venture-backed startups. The remainder are larger technology companies and organizations that have startup-like teams and job opportunities. Our goal is to build a network of the highest-quality hiring organizations in the world, which means that we only approve about 50% of the companies that try to join We don't work with recruiting agencies or other intermediaries.

Do companies hire contract, remote, bootcamp, and/or visa candidates?

Many do, but the candidates who have the most success on tend to be looking for full-time positions, haven't recently graduated from a coding bootcamp, and don't require visa sponsorship. Some of our companies sponsor visa candidates who already live in the U.S. and have existing, transferable visas. If you live outside of the U.S. and/or hold a non-transferable visa (e.g. B1, L1, J1), we are not likely to feature you in an candidate cohort.

What's email relay and how does it work?

We've implemented two-way email relay to prevent spam and to help users keep track of active conversations. All users can continue to use their default mail client; candidates can also access messages in their dashboard.

As a candidate, when a company reaches out to you through relay, you'll receive an email from an address like this:
[email protected]

When candidates reply to a company's message, users at the company will receive an email from an address like this: [email protected]