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Four years ago, a large CPG company headquartered in the U.S. launched an eCommerce platform – a fast-moving new business unit with the DNA of a startup and the backing of a Fortune 500 company. Since then, the New York-based team has grown to over 200 employees. Ten months ago, the group decided that it was time to focus on building out their engineering team, but they had few ideas about where to start. It was a recommendation by an engineer from her existing team that first led a recruiter on the eCommerce Global Talent Acquisition team to look into Below, the recruiter shares how the team has made the most of the platform and how it has “easily paid for itself” in less than a year.


The Hiring Challenge

Many of the types of candidates that this company wanted to attract were in the market for jobs at smaller, fast-growing tech organizations. They couldn’t immediately see the connection between the opportunity for the high-quality startup experience they were seeking and the company’s huge, household name brand. For the recruiting team, it was hard to get over the hump of this first impression; their LinkedIn messages went largely unanswered.

With the company showing no signs of slowing down, it’s critical for her team to have a tool like so that they can keep pace with the needs of the business and still “hire at such high caliber.”


Partnership and Impact

The recruiter has used the platform to get more people engaged with the recruiting process. In addition to her own team, currently ten of her hiring managers are also using the platform. “We put the onus on the hiring team to look at different profiles. It makes them feel part of the process and has been a nice way for them to get involved,” the recruiter says. She appreciates that her team is “able to own the entire relationship from initial contact to offer” and that there is “no middleman” – a stark difference from her experience working with agencies that are constantly “pushing” her team to review their candidates.

When asked about the key advantages of, the recruiter says “the biggest one that has made a difference is being served strong and qualified ‘active talent.’” She’s impressed by the type of talent that is presented on and how “user-friendly” it is for recruiters and hiring managers alike to contact a candidate through the platform. “It’s really great for recruitment teams looking to hire for multiple profiles and roles,” the recruiter says, recalling one of their most recent “amazing hires” – a new Full Stack Engineer who filled an important spot in the group’s growing engineering team.

The company’s partnership has already generated a positive return on investment. As members of’s subscription plan, they have access to unlimited seats on the platform and a full year of unlimited hires. In the last ten months, they’ve already added seven new, mid and senior-level members to the team. When asked how compares to what she’s traditionally used for recruiting, the recruiter says, “you definitely get more bang for your buck.” is “well worth the money.”

*Anonymized at the company's request.


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