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“ is easy to use, support is great, and there is a range of high-caliber candidates across diverse skillsets.”

Matt Harris, Director of Talent


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Second Measure, a technology company that analyzes transaction data to help some of the world’s best-known financial firms and corporate brands better understand consumer behavior, has partnered with to keep up with the growing demands of hiring without having to sacrifice the quality of their candidate pipeline.

Matt Harris, Director of Talent, shares with us why is his “go-to” platform when it comes to recruiting new team members.


The Hiring Challenge

Three years ago, Harris joined as the 16th employee at Second Measure – and its only recruiter. Fast forward to today, the company has 60 employees distributed across its Bay Area HQ and NYC offices (along with a handful of remote employees).

According to Harris, thanks to favorable press, employee referrals, and the company’s down-to-earth culture, they do a great job of keeping candidates interested throughout the interview process and have a strong offer acceptance rate. But to ramp up hiring, Harris was looking for an edge to compete against huge recruiting teams at Silicon Valley giants for high-quality candidates at the top of the funnel.


Partnership and Impact

Second Measure

When Harris had to kick hiring into high gear, he turned to He finds that the platform “shines way beyond other competitors” because candidates are “more curated and better vetted.”

“I like the fact that they vet their clients. We know that we’re up against similar companies. You’re not reaching out to a candidate who would prefer to work at Google. They want to work at a startup,” Harris says.

He also admires how manages the candidate experience. As a seasoned recruiter with over fifteen years of experience, Harris knows how important the candidate experience is from the very first interaction – even before the first interview. Harris appreciates how high-touch is with their candidates and finds that the people he contacts are “more responsive and of those responses, positive interest is much higher than other platforms we’ve used."

Harris says he looks forward to reviewing new batches of candidates, so much so that he carves out a weekly recurring block on his calendar. "I recommend to companies I admire as well as candidates we like, but don't have the right role for at the time. It's easy to use, support is great, and there is a range of high-caliber candidates across diverse skillsets," he says.


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