“Everything has done has been extremely intentional. They have a more thoughtful approach to how they match candidates with potential companies.”

Julienne Fleury, VP of Talent Acquisition


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Wunderkind, a leading technology company focused on behavioral marketing, has teamed up with to keep up with aggressive hiring goals as the company continues to successfully scale. With three months left in the year, Wunderkind has already surpassed its hiring goal by 71% – hiring 120 people this year on an original goal of 70. Fresh off of their top three quarters for new business, they don't plan to slow down on recruiting anytime soon.

We sat down with Julienne Fleury, Wunderkind’s VP of Talent Acquisition, to learn about the positive impact has had on her hiring efforts and why renewing the partnership has been “one of the easiest decisions” she makes year after year.


The Hiring Challenge

As one of Fortune’s best companies to work for in New York tech, Wunderkind has a sterling reputation to maintain. It's no wonder that they take great care to find top talent and keep them happy. When it came to finding a recruiting platform that would provide an equally conscientious candidate experience, they found a match in “We like to partner with companies that share similar business values. Everything has done has been extremely intentional. They have a more thoughtful approach to how they match candidates with potential companies,” says Fleury.

Wunderkind is just shy of hitting 400 employees and continues to welcome new hire onboarding groups every other week. According to Fleury, “Great talent drives our culture, and positive culture is so important to continue to drive the business forward.”

With the company showing no signs of slowing down, it’s critical for her team to have a tool like so that they can keep pace with the needs of the business and still “hire at such high caliber.”


Partnership and Impact

The team that was once made up of 3 people when Fleury joined is now a fully functioning department of 7 people. had been integrated into the hiring process even before Fleury joined the team. She’s found that using has made their process even more “seamless.”

“You take out the heavy lifting. Candidates are pre-sorted and pre-screened. It saves a lot of time on our end and enhances the candidate experience,” says Fleury.

When asked if she’d recommend to others, Fleury says, “I’ve already recommended it to a lot of people.” In addition to the obvious benefits, she adds that the team is very communicative. She appreciates that even the founders have been eager to listen to her feedback over coffee.

“ has remained true to their mission statement. It isn’t about becoming a job posting platform, they actually want to make a positive difference in our hiring process.”


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