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A few months ago, we released a Slack application that allows our companies to share Underdog.io candidates with members of their Slack team. We’re opening up that integration today.

In order to install this integration, your company needs to be an Underdog.io customer and a Slack user. Here’s a quick installation guide:

1. After logging into your Underdog.io account, click on Settings and then Integrations. Click the green Add button next to the Slack Integration.


2. Review all permission requests and authorize the app.


3. You’re in! You can share Underdog.io candidates in any of your team’s Slack channels (including private channels).


4. Along with links to a candidate’s Underdog.io profile, email address, resume, and social links, your teammates will see your custom message in whichever channel you select.


Email us at [email protected] if you have any questions about the integration.

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