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One year ago today, Underdog.io was born.

Back then, it was supposed to be nothing more than a side project. In fact, we were so unsure of Underdog.io that we originally planned to run it anonymously. Chris accidentally purchased the domain under his real name, so that was short-lived.

At this time last year, we were busy checking the logs and watching as candidates and companies applied for access. In a short amount of time, we knew were on to something. That’s when we began working on it full time.

This year has been humbling. We’ve done some things right, and many things not so right. Through it all, we’ve been touched by the support of the community. We’re now working with over 100 awesome startups in NYC.

Better yet, we’re helping people find amazing job opportunities. Our goal continues to be to help our candidates discover and manage new job opportunities. To give them a voice. And to make things a little less cumbersome for awesome companies that just want to meet amazing people.

We have lots to do. But, we want to take this opportunity to say ‘Thank You’ to everyone. Cheers!

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