Delightful Report: What Tech Candidates Want in 2024

January 22, 2024
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We've spoken to over 600 tech professionals, from software developers to product leaders, to uncover what drives their career decisions. For talent leaders, this isn't about just offering the right job; it's about crafting a narrative that resonates with candidates who value company stability and growth potential.

We've discovered a major trend: tech talent is widening their horizons, looking towards sectors outside the traditional tech sphere. As you dig into our findings, you'll pick up on the truth of today's job market – what's pulling tech talent towards certain roles and what's pushing them away.

Candidate Demographics

Our research includes insights from more than 600 tech candidates actively involved in startups, particularly those at the growth stage. These individuals span a variety of roles, each with substantial experience in their areas of expertise. Notably, 30% of these candidates identify with demographics traditionally underrepresented in tech, highlighting a diverse talent pool available for recruitment.

Shift in Career Risk Appetite

The appetite for risk in career choices is changing. Nearly 80% of candidates surveyed place high importance on the stage and size of a company. This points to a clear preference for established environments over the volatile nature of startups. Talent leaders should note this shift and adjust their recruitment strategies to emphasize the security and clear direction their companies offer.

Industry Focus Transition

Tech candidates are pivoting from a sole focus on Big Tech to a broader interest in enduring industries like banking, healthcare, and supply chain management. An overwhelming 90% express openness to working outside the tech sector, signifying a substantial shift in the industry focus from previous years.

Charting New Paths in Talent Acquisition

So, what's the bottom line? The tech world is spinning on a new axis, and Delightful is right there with the compass. 

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